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Aquarius is a start to finish Advertising Agency. Over the years we have won renown for our campaigns in Print and Electronic Media like TV, Radio, Press, Magazine, Ads, Leaflets, Brochures, Corporate Films and Digital Media like the World Wide Web, through Website Designing, Web Development, Internet Talk Shows, Viral Ads etc.

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Electronic Media

Take advantage of end to end Electronic Media Solutions like TV, Radio, and associated options. Our TV commercials, radio spots, Jingles, talk shows

Digital Media

Our Digital Media Solutions are strategically developed to create sales and marketing upturns. From Website Designing, Website Development, Banners,


Aquarius Film is an ultra-modern production house with a distinct bias toward creative visual communications. We offer pre-production, production

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We are good at converting our talents into scalable marketing which gets results for our customers. We are acknowledged and respected for not only being creative, but for reinventing ourselves, each time, in the face of challenging assignments and impossible deadlines. Over the years, we have proven ourselves by rewriting the rules of business communication and helping our clients consolidate upon their foundations. The very fact, that we have won the trust of our esteemed customers points to our impeccable standards. In fact, we can say, we are good at everything we do and getting better each passing day. And guess what, it shows!!!’.

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Brand impressions which stand the test of time
The most powerful and enduring brands are built on the electronic media. Electronic media comprises TV, Radio, and associated channels which air and broadcast audio or audio visual content. Harnessing the easy and vast reach of this contemporary medium, we help clients withstand critical challenges, including the vital test of time. Electronic communication at Aquarius like TVCs, Radio Spots or Jingles have helped build strong foundations for reputed brands, and are currently helping push products off the shelves for many more. The foundations of brands built by us are stronger, because we put the strength of human spirit in the brands we build. And when the brand spirit is strong it can weather any storm.

Overnight success takes years.
Man is born to dream, to enlighten and be enlightened, to connect and to fulfill goals. Digital media extends the reach of mankind and aspiring businesses by taking the brand, product or service promise, directly to the target audience, wherever or whenever they seek it. Digital communication is a value adding success device and credibility builder, for numerous businesses across the world. It is a door opener for start ups, looking to launch new products and a goodwill aggrandizer for existing brands, looking to consolidate their position of strength. From Website Designing and Development, Banners, Display Advertising, SEO to SEM, our Digital Wing is one among the many reasons, why we command the recognition we do.

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No half measures
Audio Visual communication conveys the way your product or service is perceived; and how you want people to see and feel about it. You may want to sound very dignified and reinforce your ‘expert status’ and credibility. Or you may want to sound approachable, edgy and smart. Whatever voice you choose, we carry it into all your messaging, be it a Corporate Film, an Informative Talk Show, Sponsored TV Program, Pre-Production, Post-Production, or Animation or Design and Direction Services. We currently produce many popular talk shows, host animated social satires, commentaries and infotainment, earning our claim to fame as a distinguished production house.

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an ultra-modern production house

with a distinct bias toward creative visual communications

We offer pre-production, production, post production, animation, design and direction services for clients based in India as a committed associate, dedicated to bringing you closer to your goals.

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More then 20 000 of happy customers

  • If you are searching for a digital advertising and marketing agency, then you are at a right place. As per my personal experience with the company, the services provided by Aquarius Mediaa are really very satisfactory as they deliver the work on time and always endeavour to satisfy customer’s needs. It was pleasure working with the team of this digital ad agency as the staff is also very dedicated towards their work. Hence I enjoyed working with the company.
  • Aquarius Mediaa is the company which knows how to build relationship with the customer. They know how to deliver the work within the targeted budget and that too on time. We had a great working experience with this digital advertising and marketing agency as they completely understood what we want and delivered a fantastic customer experience. We look forward to work with Aquarius Mediaa in near future too.
    loyal client
  • Aquarius Mediaa is one of the best digital advertising agencies. This agency is best option for new creations, digital strategy, web development and many more. This agency is focused only on innovation in the digital marketing space and should definitely be checking out new platforms like Agency Spotter to help them discover all the digital agencies. They make confident decisions, leveraging customer reviews and many more features that help digital marketers navigate the agency landscape.
    happy client
  • Aquarius Mediaa advert agency is well known for its hard work that devotes to particular tasks such as creating, planning, and handling advertising for its clients. This ad agency is individualistic from the entire client and provides an outside outlook to the determined attempt of selling the client's products or services. Not only that, this ad agency can also manage marketing and branding strategies (taking everything in account) as well as sales promotions for its clients. Its clients consist of businesses and corporations and the digital advertising agency hired to create TV commercials as well as FM commercials.
    happy customer
Neha Mehndi
Bharti Axa
Canara Bank

Featured Portfolio Projects

Best & Most Popular of Our Works

“Actions speak louder than words”. Our Featured Portfolio Projects recite the most impressive borderline and that is of ‘creativity’. The exclusive and exemplary assignments reflect genuine effort contributed in assigning name to our fame. And this fame has infusion of creativity that marks feat in the world of media and production. Organic Tree, Best Astrology Solutions, Sharman Healing, Vaastu King, Tryst, Nikhil World, Money Marine, JMSW, Famegali and Vaastu Naresh are projects of such class that gives demo of having extraordinary for the interested mass.