Aquarius is one of the few start-to-finish communications-solutions provider in India.What we promote or exhibit is what you will always get…

Practical Strategies

We have consistently been doing hard-core strategically creative advertising across various brands for considerable period of time.

Innovative Solutions

For most clients advertising is just a form of communication. Advertising tools are not solutions, they are only communication options. Solutions go beyond communication vehicles … The opportunities are only limited by imagination.

Design Cell

From adding zing to plain-vanilla communication to customizing creative ambiences, our in-house design cell does it all. This creative edge gives us a tremendous control over the quality of the end communication.

Our Talent Resource

Experience matters. Meet our people and you will realize that they are more practical than most ‘advertising gurus’. They will tell you if your strategy is wrong. Of course they will take care of all the troubles too.

Market Research

Another in-house facility that offers pre and post campaign analysis through various quantitative and qualitative research tools customized to suit comprehending capabilities.


  1. Create stunning, out of the box and avant garde communication to help our clients stand out in the market clutter.

  2. Become the pivot of brand recognition for our clients and help brands build equity through thoughtful creative work.

  3. Become an agent of change and produce credible, award winning work consistently and repeatedly.

  4. Fuel growth across our client and brand platform.

  5. Remain dedicated, committed and honest in our approach to work and in our interactions with clients and their target groups.


Aquarius has nearly one and half decades of longstanding experience in delivering holistic, 360 degree communication solutions. We started as a committed and hardworking agency and continue to remain true to our ethos even today. We have utilized our years in the industry by improving with every next assignment, honing our skills and at the same time delivering results for our clients.

Our quest is to reach the pinnacle. Armed with an iron will, indomitable commitment and dedication, we have built durable partnerships with corporates and flourishing blue chips to blaze new frontiers in the sphere of communication.

A successful history of 100 manyears for cumulative team experience, with a host of distinguished clients like Tecnia, DRG Wellness, JMSW Infracom, Synergie Medical Service, Tryst Restaurant, Alps Hearing Aid etc., has seen us create successful benchmarks in our sphere of endeavour.

Electronic Media - 16 years
Web development - 7 years
Marketing & PR - 16 years
Creative - 7 years
Photography - 6 years
Consulting - 10 year


founder01Ravindra Gautam


An Entrepreneur /movie critic / writer / producer / director, Ravindra Gautam has conceptualized, produced and associated with many information-laden TV Shows, Media Critiques & Articles, Celebrity Talk Shows on popular national channels. He lives and breathes to produce innovative & unique concepts across a wide range of genres, from talk shows to topical satires, from documentaries to reality shows, from razor sharp editorials to socially reformative commentaries… all with a new, disruptive and yet fresh appeal. Ravindra Gautam exudes a rare dynamism. He dreams of creating a more meaningful world through the written word, still photography and the audio visual medium, both for himself as well as for his target audience. He is fired by an indomitable spirit to foster opportunities for success and share its rewards with the viewing masses.

founder02Dr. Renuka


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core01Ashu Kaushal

Creative Head

core03Siddharth Suri


core04Alok Pal

Creative Director

core02Mansi Seth

Content Developer


HTML Coder

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PHP Programmer

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SMM Specialist

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