Advertisement is the mirror image to your ideas! You visualize your ideas in the shape of videos, images, slogans, logos, taglines etc which are clubbed together in pamphlets, brochures, ad films etc. Advertisement is a really important tool to market your product and services. Without advertising business can’t grow because “when you will show only then people will know”.


• Advertisements can be made unique and effective depending upon your target audience.

• Advertisements vary with cultures and countries. Like ads can be family oriented, money oriented based on individual, love and emotion oriented etc.

• For example a coffee ad in Europe may show a family with friends having coffee together as European tradition focuses on socializing whereas in America the coffee ad may show individual enjoying coffee as their tradition is individual competition.

Creativity comes from inside! And when creating an advertisement a person should keep certain points in mind-

• Seeing things differently and thinking out of the box!

• Breaking the rules!

• Thinking and linking!

• High level of awareness

• Playing “what if” game! (what if this happens, what if I get this and so)

• Strong imaginative power

Advertisement with a blend of all the above create blissful results as they attract the audience. It creates interest in the audience which in turn establishes a feeling of desire to go for the product. The uniqueness differentiates the product from the competitors in the market. Whatever your ad may be about but if it is interesting it surely stimulates thinking and titillates the audience for action!

Advertisement should be like as if you are adding something new and different to the life’s of the people. People always love changes and newness! Your ideas should stand out of all the others in competition!

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