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Electronic Media Advertising

Electronic Media Advertising

Advertisement is a means to aware, educate & persuade the customer. The traditional definition limits itself to this. The modern definition envelops many processes like recognition, recall, consumer behavior, relationship, etc that gives a new face to the advertisement. The transit from traditional to modern witnessed the emergence of electronic media. In one way or the other electronic media has evolved the advertising industry.  The media which uses electronic energy to transmit information to the end user is called electronic media. It appears as TV, radio, internet, computer, telegraph, etc. Electronic Media Advertising plays significant role in the marketing campaign. Also it is more effective than others.

For example

  • If your business relates to a cool drink electronic media will best suit you. You can show the person dying out of heat & as he drinks your cool drink he regains the energy. The refreshing effect of your cool drink can be shown with the rain background and other effects. Such dramatic depiction is not possible through other medias
  • If your business is to sell insurance the print media can just show the components or the features of the insurance policy. Whereas the same can be more effective if depicted through electronic media. The policy for financial risk can be shown with the death of father in an accident. The life cover insurance can be shown with the life taking diseases like cancer. The emotional effect passed on to audiences makes a corner in their mind. The corner in the mind can be plotted very effectively with electronic media.

There are many things that have to be kept in mind while planning for electronic media advertising. The minutest things must be included in the strategy. The strategy includes the following steps:

  • Demographic Reach:  What segment of population we should target with respect to the product. The kids, youngsters, professionals or older section what has to be targeted must be carried in mind for the successful strategy.
  • Geographic Reach: Which place your target market belongs to must be decided so that the advertisement must be done there?
  • Vehicle Selection: Which medium should be selected radio, TV or internet? If TV than which channel: Hindi, Malayalam, Punjabi, Gujarati, etc. Depending upon the target market select the vehicle through which you will advertise.
  • Duration:  The time duration of the advertisement must be decided in order to cover the theme of the advertisement. The time must be minimum 10 to 15 seconds to communicate effectively with the audiences.
  • Timings: At what time of the day the advertisement should run on TV or radio, etc. If the product is youngster’s exclusive then the evening time will be preferable after busy schedules of college. The same holds for other sections accordingly.

After knowing the importance & the strategy rules now you can chalk out the planning for electronic media advertisement. Budget plays a vital role. More the budget means more customers means more revenue.

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