2 thoughts on “Internships

  1. Tushar Yadav

    Sir/ Mam,

    I am Tushar Yadav and have completed my undergraduate degree
    in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering.

    Films, TV and Advertisements have always fascinated me and has always been an
    important part of my life and now I want to pursue this passion as my
    career and as it is said that if you make your passion your career
    then it is not only you who gets the benefits but it is your employer
    which gets the maximum benefit.

    With this thought in mind, I would like to present myself for the
    opportunity to work with your organization with a great vision and

    In the production house in which I am working currently I also have been actively involved in the scripting and shooting projects.

    I will be happy to provide any clarifications or interviews whether by phone or in

    I will be looking forward for your reply.

    Thank You,

    Yours Sincerely

  2. Vicalp kochar

    Good morning,
    Respected Sir / Mam

    I have completed my graduation in BJMC from IP university (MBICEM). I want to pursue my career in Advertising and to be more specific in client servicing.I request you to please give me a chance to work in your agency and to show my excellence and hard work.

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