SEO Services

The modern trend demands vibrant & wide exposure of the produced product. The existence of SEO seems an unbeatable mode of promoting our website. In terms of improvisation, it is proving as a helping hand to suspend the shortcomings & extends your website's reliability & usability in relation to providing relevancy to the user.

Our prior motto is to serve the consumer at our best level. SEO services by us will ultimately accolade rank to your website.

SEO will not only assign a particular ranking but also provide a wide marketing platform to endorse and promote your business.

"Quality is our priority"

Our plan starts from 7500/- per month.

Link Building

Link building is a relatively slower and demanding process, which needs long term dedication from the link building team. Its rewards however are significant, making it a fundamental requisite for marketing a web site, regardless of howsoever established the site is.

Creative link research administers some very important benefits. It narrows your link building efforts on targets, which are more likely to provide a higher response ratio. One may gauge the success rate of the site by the meaningful link building efforts that back it.

At Aquarius Mediaa, a team of dedicated experts give you the choicest link building solutions, unmatched in their class and economy.

Directory Submission

Search engine optimization (SEO) has transformed submission to directories and articles to your benefit. Achieve a high response rate through Aquarius Mediaa directory submission service.

We ensure that every manual directory, we submit is focused and relevant to your website. Each directory is chosen based on lineage and dependability. We research deeply the directories we submit to ensure during the directory submission process, that they have not been blacklisted by any search engine. What's more, we provide only high quality back linking services to rule out reciprocal links, in our directory submission process.

Local Listing

If you wish to be a competitive business, you must have an online presence. For businesses that depend on local markets, getting a high search engine rank, in local listings, is even more vital to their success.

Research shows that 63 percent of consumers and small business owners take recourse in the Internet first for acquiring info about local businesses. This means topping local listing rankings to make your company visible to potential customers should be a top priority.

At Aquarius Mediaa, we employ refined SEO expertise to give your local listing rankings a boost.

Social Media Marketing

Today company marketers must improve performance with fewer resources while strategically allocating marketing budgets to digital resources like SEO and social media marketing. Combining SEO and social media entails many benefits. For instance you can increase social network discovery via search while becoming capable of attracting links for improved SEO.

To achieve this, we first identify the audience and the goals, our clients are trying to reach. At Aquarius Mediaa, we have a unique understanding of how SEO and social media marketing complement each other, and devise a step by step plan for creating a successful social media marketing roadmap for you.

Search Engine Marketing

After search engine optimization (SEO), its evolutionary avatar search engine marketing (SEM), is the current buzzword for competing businesses. SEO, explained in the most basic terms is the process of tailoring a website, to boost its search ranking on a given search engine.

But with the beginning of search engines introducing a fee based structure for guaranteed inclusion, seeking payments for reviews in their directories and the emergence of PPC listings, SEO now has an element of media buying mixed in. Therefore it is now termed as search engine marketing or SEM.

At Aquarius Mediaa, we offer customized Search Engine Marketing solutions, to place a top rank on your business search in search indices and directory listings of search engines.

PPC Management

To generate visits from internet users, we at Aquarius Mediaa, employ two tried and tested methods. Firstly, we devise a SEO strategy for your website to help boost its search engine rankings for selected terms within the main search results. And secondly, by using pay-per-click advertising (PPC), where your listing is displayed within the sponsored results and similar popular search tools.

We employ both of the options, PPC and SEO, using them alongside each other to deliver cost-effective solutions to attract new visitors to your website.