Morning tea with morning paper is a habit of ours now! When we wake up in morning we open the doors and hunt for the newspaper. The readers of paper have a hunger and desire for it every morning. If one day they do not get newspaper their day is not complete. Their craving for paper stays like toy for toddler.

Now when newspaper carries so much of importance then how can we miss out the revenue generating part from it? Yes the advertisements, it generates its income from newspaper advertisements. Newspaper is flooded with advertisement of variety viz. corporate advertising, classifieds, matrimonial, fashion and every other type that has become our need now. The ads in newspaper are alongside editorials, at the bottom of the page, at times they are on the top depending upon how much advertiser is spending and where he wants his ad to be placed. Spend more to be at the front page! And so on the rates follow with proceeding pages.

Newspaper has a wide reach. Hence the advertisements follow the reach. If one newspaper goes in a household then it is read by varied age groups viz. teenagers, women, men, working class non working class etc. any and every kind of advertising can be done in newspaper. When a thing becomes popular and has a wide reach it is always the best way to attach your name with it and create a market place for yourself!

Different companies have tried different ads like digital ads which have been famous and successful but cost high. The famous ad by Volkswagen India did its newspaper advertising in English daily where a musical chip with video was given so as when the reader opens the paper the ad starts to play! This was an innovative advertising stunt! Sunday newspaper is a heavy one with a lot of ads and plenty of time for the reader to read!

Newspaper advertising has is the most widely used method of advertising with a wide reach and followers!

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