Popularity can either adorn anything in the world like twinkling stars or can put it down forever. Advertisements, in practical world, exist as the popularizing mode of communication which are taken forward by the ad agencies. The international products, which are prevailing in the market dominantly, can never be approached to us without having their demands in domestic market and the introducer of those international products can be none other than advertisements that are ready to tempt the customers at every jiff of the day. The customer seekers always prefer to choose their brand promotion mode cleverly as they have an array of choices while picking the desire suitable type of advertisements:

  • Print advertisement: It fascinates the literate customers via printed luring advertisements as in pamphlet, brochures, newspaper, magazines etc.
  • Guerilla advertisement: It traces and traps the customers at the crowded public place in the form of campaigning stalls with the scheme of free gift vouchers or packages or just words of mouth.
  • Broadcasting advertisement: It targets the major viewers and listeners of television and radios.
  • Outdoor advertisement: It includes hoardings, banners, inscriptions on walls and bill boards those are the best way to fetch the attention of outside roamers and promote new brands or products.
  • Product placement advertisement: Promotional drive of a brand or product via the portals of movies and shows during their telecasting or live show is regarded as product placement advertisements.
  • Mobile advertisement: advertising through SMS and mails on the cell phone is known as mobile advertisement.
  • Digital advertisement: Online advertising via websites or web pages orienting net savvies is called Digital advertisement.
  • Public Service advertisements: The conveyance of social messages such as human rights, consumer rights, children’s right, government’s welfare policies via effective display of advertisements is called Public Service advertisements.


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